Meet the Fleet

TasPorts' Bell Bay fleet consists of one pilot launch and two tugs, as well as work boats and barges.

Bell Bay is one of four major ports located around Tasmania where TasPorts provides pilotage and harbour towage services.

The tugs servicing the Port of Bell Bay are berthed at Inspection Head, while the pilot launch is based at Australia's oldest pilot station at Low Head.

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The Paterson was the first in a series of new generation, purpose-built pilot boats to be deployed in the TasPorts fleet.

Used to ensure the safe transfer of our Marine Pilots to and from large ships, Paterson is a French design, built by Australian company Hart Marine. The vessel is 16 metres in length with a top speed of 27 knots.

An essential safety feature is Paterson’s self-righting capability, as well as a state-of-the-art infrared camera to assist with the identification of smaller vessels or people in the water in the event of a man overboard.

The vessel is named after William Paterson, an early explorer in the Tamar region.

Vessel Specs

Risdon Cove

The tugs servicing the Port of Bell Bay are berthed at Inspection Head, Beauty Point - a community use waterfront asset owned and maintained by TasPorts.

Risdon Cove started her Tasmanian career in Hobart, after being purchased from South Korea in 1998.

Built in 1993, the tug has a bollard pull of 34 tonnes and operates with two Aquamaster azmuithing thrusters.

Vessel Specs

York Cove

Purchased from South Korea alongside the Risdon Cove in 1998, York Cove is the perfect companion tug at the Port of Bell Bay.

Built in 1990, she has a bollard pull capacity of 31 tonnes and is 28 metres in length.

The Tamar River on which the York Cove operates has a long history of tug residents.

In fact, in the 1850s the area was the first in Tasmania to enjoy the services of a dedicated tugboat.

To this day the port has required the services of capable tugs to conduct a wide range of operations.

Vessel Specs